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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Valentine Review preparation for tomorrow's author interview

Tomorrow, we'll host Paranormal Romance Author Jamieson Wolf. After successfully publishing in both electronic and print format with multiple publishers and on his own, Jamieson has scads of information and advice for aspiring authors. So check in tomorrow to hear what he has to say about his journey and his latest adventure in romance publishing.

For now, here's my review of his novella currently available through Cobblestone Press:
Deep Eros
A review of Jamieson Wolf's Valentine

Opening with the perfect foreshadowing device—a summary of the legend of St. Valentine—Author Jamieson Wolf sets the reader up for an erotic supernatural romp that's going to have meaning. The story Valentine is fast-paced and well-told, and offers not just a quick-and-lusty romance, but a storyline that makes the reader sympathize with the characters' plights and care about the point Wolf wishes to make.

It is only after Valentine, the child of a Roman god, accepts his destiny to marry people, despite the emperor's order against it, that he gains his full magical abilities. As Valentine tells Asterius, the man he's fallen in love with, "It's not right that those who love can't marry because one man says so. When I took my post as cleric, the power grew in me."

Of course, what Valentine risks by performing marriages is more than his life—he risks his heart. From deeply erotic scenes with blatant, descriptive sexual content to scenes depicting agape love through friendship and loyalty, Wolf has a story for lovers to enjoy (after prime time!) during any season—Valentine's Day, wedding season, winter time in front of a cozy fire, or any time love strikes.

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."
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