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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tracey’s Saving Vampires!
Congratulations to our positive and glowing vampire winner

Early on with this blog, I stated we’d be staying positive and glowing. We will.

You’ve probably also noticed a trend or theme to the articles here. Grammar Guide, Word of the Day, a visit from author Jamieson Wolf, mentions of books, music, Charlotte and Anne Bronte (Anne got her own article on her birthday this past week), etc. Basically, we’re staying focused on writing and entertainment from healthy stuff (and you can argue whether or not pop music is healthy on your own time – I think it’s saved me on more than one occasion).

Today, our injection for the entertainment milieu is an announcement!

Reader Tracey Monaghan will debut in Saving a Vampire from the Summer Sunrise tonight in Scene 6 at the Yahoo group!

Congratulations, Tracey!

She entered a contest with the reading group, and I pulled her name from the proverbial fishbowl Monday night. Now she’s got a leading role in a romantic/comedic/thriller serial novel online that promises to take readers for quite a spin through Southwest Florida before it’s done. If you’d like to see Teresah (Tracey) enter this fabulous fantasy, you can sign up to read the story along with us by clicking on the link to join the group. A teaser of Scene 1 appears on this blog in the January archives as “Saving a Vampire from the Summer Sunrise”.


“Some days, you just want the dragon to win.”



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