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Friday, February 16, 2007

Serial Author Didn’t Kill Me!
Or…How The Dragon author stays alive as a soap star

Regular visitors to The Dragon may remember that Jamieson Wolf developed a character for me in his serial novel Hunted at Believe it or not, I haven’t died yet. In fact, and I don’t want to give away the ending for those of you interested in reading the completed story now, I ended up with a fun role!

Hunted is (was) a suspenseful tale that walks the line between glorifying and mocking those soap dramas we love to hate. You remember Whoopie, Sally, and company in Soap Dish? Okay, you’re on the right track now, but toss in a creepy paranormal element, some blood and guts and gore, some twists and turns, and you’ve got a better idea of what Jamieson has created. The story is complete now, so if you were merely waiting until you had a whole story to read, well, wait no longer. Jog over to the yahoo group and read all 55 scenes before Jamieson dives into his next serial novel, Electric Red, which should be any day…

And if you want a vampire serial novel to read, why, you’ve come to the right paranormal venue, haven’t you? We’re only up to scene 13 in Saving a Vampire from the Summer Sunrise, and you can go to to click into that group and get caught up. That fun little romp just goes to show that you can’t let life dictate what path you’re on…even if you’re the undead. Nathan and Katy await your arrival.

In other writing news, I don’t have a release date for Choices Meant for Gods to post on The Dragon yet, but we’re still looking at the month of March. I’ll be sure to plaster the news all over The Dragon as soon as I know something. Thanks for checking in!

“Some days, you just want the dragon to win.”

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