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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Book Trailer Contest Winner
Or...Congratulations to Tara Manderino

The Dragon would like to congratulate Tara Manderino for her participation in the Choices Meant for Gods Book Trailer Contest. Tara gave the trailer a five-star review and left an uplifting comment for Jamieson Wolf, the creator of the cinematic masterpiece that is "How to Breed Dragons".

Woo-hoo, Tara!!

She wins the coo-el dragon bowie knife that she can wear around her neck to ward off would-be sorcerers and the like. I'll be shipping that out shortly. Yay. And if I had a digital camera (yes, I know, I live in the dark ages) I'd post a picture of the nifty thing here. It's a cool-lookin' dragon. I also have one in the basket o' Choices Meant for Gods goodies that I'm donating to the cause at DragonCon, but they seem to have lost interest in auctioning something from an unknown author, so who knows what we'll do with that. I might just have a drawing at my table in the dealer room. How does that sound to all of you out there?

Tara, you rock. Everyone, you can see the trailer at

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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