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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Writers Guide
Inspiration from...well...the toilet

It's not what you think. We haven't had a Writer's Guide here at The Dragon for a while, and what better way to serve up some inspiration than sharing a bathroom story? Imagine.

For those of you who have been following Nigel's blog over at, you're aware that "someone" has recently left my home (sing your praises to the Lord, come on everybody, stand up and sing one more hallelujah). Upon his departure, I scoured his bathroom. I haven't been in it since. So this evening, I be-bop in there to find, voila, a frog in the toilet.

I wondered how long the poor thing had been in there because he looked kinda skinny.

So I catch the frog, which, of course, wasn't thrilled to be ousted, and tossed him out into the swamp. I return to said interior room and, well, I check out the bizarre mold-lookin' stuff he (or perhaps she?) had left behind. I think I'm going to have tadpoles.

Tadpoles in the toilet.

Now there's a great selling point. Maybe prospective house buyers will just NOT lift the lid in there...

But don't frog eggs need sunlight? And shouldn't there have been TWO frogs for these eggs to be fertilized? You know...a boy frog?

So there's your inspiration for the evening. Write up somethin' about frogs or tadpoles or bizarre things hanging out in your bathroom. It at least inspired a Writer's Guide for me. ;)

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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