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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Valentine From Jamieson Wolf

Or...The Dragon welcomes a new romance author to the site to discuss a special release for Valentine's Day

Today we welcome back one of our favorite authors to The Dragon. Jamieson Wolf has a new novella out and he's delved into the romance genre with Valentine. He took some time out of his insane writing schedule to share with visitors some of the research he did, some of his writing tips and some ideas for getting your novella into an online publisher's hands - and onto readers' computer screens.

The Dragon: First! Welcome back to The Dragon, Jamieson! It looks like Valentine took some research before writing. You've got the Roman Empire, a god out of the Pantheon, a Roman soldier...tell us how much research you had to do and how that differs from your usual writing style. Did you enjoy it?

Jamieson Wolf: I have had a long love affair with all periods of history but particularly Greek, Roman and Egyptian. I did have to do some research in regards to time, dates, years, etc. so that everything was correct. Though the story is based off of the myth of the real Valentine, I wanted to make sure that there was still enough fact in the story to make it real. I had to research the God Lesperecus, housing, whether or not they would have had simple household objects like a kettle, whether or not they would have drank tea in that time. Normally, I don't do any research. I just write the story. It was a nice change this time around to delve into a past I loved. It helped me get to know my characters better.

The Dragon: One of your characters has to face danger and death to be with the character he loves. Will you be giving away too much of the story to tell us a little about that idea? I'd like to hear how that "danger" element adds to the conflict that already existed in Valentine's disobedience in the novella/story.

Jamieson Wolf: Valentine is a cleric and he marries people against the edict of the Roman Emperor Claudius who forbids marriage. By defying the edict, he is brought to the attention of the Emperor, and Asterius, chief of the Roman Guard, comes to interrogate him. Valentine doesn't care about the danger; he knows that what he is doing is right, despite the Emperor's wishes. There is also the danger Valentine faces from letting himself love an enemy, but you'll have to read the novella to find out more about that. You can actually read the first chapter by clicking here:

The Dragon: In this story, you're exploring the concept of a man's love for another man, even though Valentine, the main character, has been performing weddings for all couples. How has your audience responded to this love story and are you encouraged by the feedback you've received so far?

Jamieson Wolf: Valentine is quite different from my normal fare. I don't think anyone who reads my work was expecting me to delve into the romance genre, even though there is usually an element of romance in everything I write. I was a little worried about the reaction and how people would take it but I needn't have worried. With the exception of a few family members, the reaction has been incredible. I'm surprised by how many people have been touched by Valentine, by how many people have read it and written to me to tell me how much they enjoyed it. I'm more than encouraged by the reaction because it just goes to prove one thing: love has the power to move mountains.

The Dragon: The length of the novella is listed as "tryst" on Cobblestone Press's Web site. About how many words is the story? Is that a comfortable length for your novellas? Will you be submitting more stories of this genre and this length for Cobblestone Press readers?

Jamieson Wolf: Tryst is the signature short story line for Cobblestone Press and can go anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 words. Pretty much a novella. Valentine clocks in at around 15,000 words and it is a comfortable length for Valentine. I just submitted another historical romance, around the same length, so hopefully that will be accepted. Keep your fingers crossed!

The Dragon: What was the most exciting part of the process in creating Valentine? How did that differ from or feel familiar to the other stories you've had published in the speculative fiction realm?

Jamieson Wolf: I enjoyed the writing the most, I think. I loved getting into the heads of my characters and trying to get their emotions down on paper. I have always wanted to be a romance writer, to explore that genre, so the fact that I am now a published romance author is an incredible achievement for me. Valentine is really different from what I normally write due to the historical background. I had to be a lot more detailed than I normally am. When I write, I tend not be too descriptive. In the romance genre, I had to do the exact opposite so that was thrilling. It was such a wonderful experience because instead of focusing on the story, I got to focus on the people, the characters, to create a thrilling read. I can only hope I've succeeded.

The Dragon: How did you find Cobblestone Press or how did you go through the submission process with them? Do you have any tips or advice for writers visiting The Dragon today who might be interested in submitting a manuscript to them?

Jamieson Wolf: I actually stumbled upon them. I did a Google search for gay romance publications. Since Valentine is a gay romance, I knew that I had to find the right market for it. Luckily my browser pointed me towards Cobblestone Press and they have been fantastic to work with. I submitted Valentine and then played the waiting game. Imagine my excitement when they said they would be publishing Valentine!

My best advice for aspiring writers is to read a lot and to write a lot. If you don't read, you can't write. Reading will help to increase your vocabulary and give you a good idea of how to write credible dialogue and good stories. Writing every day will also get you in the habit of writing on a regular basis. Even if you don't feel like writing, try writing a small piece every day. You never know when that small piece could be the seed for something larger.

The Dragon: How can visitors to The Dragon get a copy of Valentine?

Jamieson Wolf: You can purchase a copy of Valentine by clicking here:

And don't forget to check out the Valentine Blog for tons of fun stuff, the Valentine book trailer and much more. You can find that here:

The Dragon: When is your memoir set to be released from The Friday Project? And if our visitors want to stay up-to-date on that release, where can they get more information?

Jamieson Wolf: My memoir, One Step at a Time, is set to be released this summer from The Friday Project. No set date yet, but I'll know more as the summer comes closer. I'm so excited about this release! If you want to stay up to date on the release of the memoir, check out the site: As always, readers can always take a look at what I'm doing by checking out my regular blog or my web site at

The Dragon: Thank you for stopping by The Dragon today, Jamieson! It's always a pleasure to have you share information with our fellow writers and readers here. We wish you the best of success with Valentine and all your titles that are out right now!

Jamieson Wolf: Thanks so much Sandy. It's always a pleasure to stop by and visit with you and your readers. Thanks so much for having me! It's an honour as always.

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Blogger Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

Loved the interview, especially the part where you mention 'Greek'. :)

Valentine sounds like an interesting read and will mark it in my wishlist.

Jamieson, been following your career since the first Muse Conference and I can't tell you how proud I am to know you. Keep up the good writing.

Lea Schizas

8:51 AM  
Blogger Debra Moore said...

Yay Jamieson!!! So glad you found us at Cobblestone! It's a fun place, isn't it? Best wishes on Valentine and all future works!

8:31 PM  

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