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Monday, January 22, 2007

Weight Loss with The Dragon and Duran Duran
Or…Waiting until February to select my New Year’s resolutions

Here at The Dragon, cynicism isn’t always met with a smile, but I’m in a special mood this winter. Meeting the bass player for Duran Duran did much to stave off the shooting spree I planned for Christmas Eve (and, yes, for the Feds listening in, part of that complex phrase was a joke), and I’ve found that the pictures from the John Taylor event splayed about my writing den manage to keep the voices at bay. You know the voices…the ones that say “go for it”.

So I went to Borders with a girlfriend and, at the bargain shelf, happened upon a book entitled 50 Symptoms of Mental Illness. Curious, I flipped through the alphabetically listed symptoms. Funnily enough, I found that there are at least three that I don’t exhibit signs of.

This made me wonder…what should I have set as New Year’s resolutions this year? Slough off anxiety? I don’t think I can do anything about depression or sleep disruptions unless I succumb to a doctor’s desire to hand me mind-numbing pills that will alter my state of being until I believe the things they say on CNN (and do ya hear the paranoia there?). Besides, all those pills cause you to gain a couple hundred pounds over a two-month period, and I can’t afford the new wardrobe that would force upon me.

Although I’m convinced a clever woman can lose nearly two hundred pounds of unwanted fat through merely one clean divorce.

As for mood swings, I guess I should chalk that one up as “not a symptom I exhibit” since I’ve had the same mood since, oh, July. Anger. Anger is the correct answer for those of you trying to guess at home. (Oh, and anger is one of the symptoms…)

So here’s the 2007 New Year’s resolution for a woman waiting for the banks to take her house in a town where no one believes she’ll work for a lesser salary than the job that laid her off at the turn of the fiscal year and an aspiring author who’s been waiting on her novel that was supposed to be released back in August – oh, wait, October – oh, wait, make that December – oh, wait, maybe January or February or sometime in the spring:

I resolve to not go on a shooting spree this Christmas Eve, whether I meet up with members of my favorite band again or not. Promise. ;)

“Some days, you just want the dragon to win.”


Blogger Jeni said...

Just think - since you have the "anger" symptom, but no drastic mood swings, it should be a bit easier then to focus on how to deal with everything. Less interruptions from the mood swings stuff which can be VERY distracting!

Keep working on it all, Kid. It'll come together - eventually. Just takes a lot of patience to get to that point at times.

1:14 PM  
Blogger M. B. Weston said...

Sweet! The dragon really has won! I like it, and I echo your sentiments. I'm so tired of having no answer for the "When's your book coming out?" question. You know, you could always use a bow and arrow instead of a gun.... Then you wouldn't be violating your New Year Resolution.

Gosh, this wasn't encouraging, was it?

1:18 PM  
Blogger Sandy Lender said...

Yes, but I'm not as fast as Gabriella is with a bow and arrow. ;)

Sandy L.
"Some days, you just want the dragon to win."

8:49 AM  

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