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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Or…acrylic paint and other artist faves

Today at The Dragon, Megan Kissinger shares her favorite medium in which to work! So today is more of a fun day, but artists can still learn something very valuable in her answers below…if you watch closely…

The Dragon: What is your favorite medium to work with?
Megan Kissinger: Acrylic paint on canvas.

The Dragon: What do you like about working with acrylics?
Megan Kissinger: I can work large and acrylic paint allows for a very realistic look. In my bird paintings that I love the most, I can get every feather, every glint in the eye, just the way I want it to look.

The Dragon: When/how did you discover acrylic-on-canvas and what was your first project in it (if you even remember!)?

Megan Kissinger: Google the name Carl Schwartz. I became twice the artist I had been when I took a painting techniques class from him. He teaches artists to really see. Not just what we presume something looks like, but truly what is there. A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, he was one of the pioneer artists of acrylic paint. He even worked for a time for one of the companies (maybe Windsor & Newton or Liquitex, I’m not sure) traveling around showing off the versatility of acrylic. He explained to me how the paint works at the microscopic level, some techniques to get a painting to pop and sparkle, such as underpainting, glazing, color theory and brush techniques. On the second day of class, I went out and found the biggest canvas I could and painted a larger-than-life Sandhill Crane. It was the best thing I had ever painted and is the only painting I will never sell. My kids will probably fight over it after I’m dead. Carl and I still keep in touch although not as often as I’d like with family and work obligations.

The Dragon: For visitors, here are a couple links to Carl E. Schwartz, but I recommend following Megan’s advice and researching this gentleman yourself to gather more information to satisfy your curiosity:

The interview with Megan concludes tomorrow…
“Some days, I just want the dragon to win.”

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