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Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Dragon Will Host Artist Megan Kissinger This Week
Or...Choices Meant for Gods cartographer shares insight and advice for aspiring artists

This week at The Dragon we’ll feature Megan Kissinger, a Southwest Florida artist who produced the map of Onweald and peripheral art pieces for Choices Meant for Gods. Megan is one of those rare artists to whom God has granted a soft spirit, an enormous gift, and the ability to paint, draw, sculpt, and mold with her hands as well as create images on the computer screen. Yes, sit up and take notes, she isn’t just a graphic designer who can work in Pagemaker, InDesign, Quark XPress, Illustrator, and PhotoShop, she can paint a bird on canvas that looks as if he’s about to fly off into the sunset.

I am honored and blessed to have her handiwork appearing in the pages of Choices Meant for Gods. Next week, visitors to The Dragon will be just as blessed by words of wisdom offering insight and advice for aspiring artists. We’ll start the week tomorrow morning with an article that tells you a little more about Megan Kissinger’s activities and follow it the rest of the week with interviews that show her answering questions that inform and educate artists and their authors.

Let everyone know to join us here at

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