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Friday, May 18, 2007

Hunting for a Little Mystery Thriller Soap Distiller?
Or...The Dragon has a treat for you today

An author friend of mine announced yesterday that his online serial novel Hunted has been released from mobipocket books for the masses to enjoy. And I want all you visitors to know about it. This thing is insane. I got in on the ground floor with this book because I was part of the online audience that got to read it as Jamieson Wolf wrote it for his Yahoo group at some address that isn't relevant right now. What is relevant right now is that Hunted is available at

Let me tell you a little bit about it. First of all, I love the cover they came up with. Jamieson, I know you're going to drop by, so you'll have to leave a comment telling us who designed the cover. Was that you? Because I know you're that creative... It reminds me of Heathcliff and a dark, desolate Yorkshire moor. Fantastic.

Next, Hunted isn't your typical mystery thriller. This is a clever satire. If you enjoy watching soap operas (which I actually don't), you'll love all the "pokes" at daytime drama. I asked Jamieson just how much he loves the movie Soap Dish, because I can see the influence. Here's his response:

"Oddly enough, it's one of my all-time favorite movies! I love Whoopi Goldberg and saw the movie the first time because she was in it. I've since watched it countless times. It's a hilarious look into the world of soaps. The movie showed that soap operas could be funny, even if the show they put on television wasn't."

Hunted shows that gruesome thrillers about soap stars seeking a quiet life away from the big-city lights of a television film set can be hilarious, too. The story takes the reader from laughing to cringing to gasping to fanning (yeah, there's a romance that makes you go "woah"). And there are enough pop culture references to make the average reader laugh out loud. Personally, because I'm a little crazy, I read my own references into it. For instance, when heroine Susan Halliway awakes one morning after "imbibing" to reduce the effects of one frightening adventure, she "groaned when the sun hit her eyes. She remembered booze and pills but not much else." All I could picture as I read those lines was Edwina from "Absolutely Fabulous"...

Now, the most entertaining part of the book for me is this character who is prone to hysterics named Sandy Duran. Yeah, it's kinda like that...

So I figure anyone who's in the mood for a fun romp through soap-opera land with some zombies and voodoo and romance thrown in for good measure needs to check out Hunted. And you can do so at

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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Blogger Jamieson Wolf said...

This is wonderful, Sandy, thank you so much!

For those of you dropping by The Dragon, I wanted to let you know that I did in fact design the cover.

I think it turned out wonderfully, non?


10:31 AM  

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