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Sandy Lender is the editor of an international trade publication and the author of the fantasy novels Choices Meant for Gods and Choices Meant for Kings, available from ArcheBooks Publishing, and the series-supporting chapbook, What Choices We Made.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Word of the Day Gets Creative for Duration of Sandy's Online Tour's why all the words in WOD will encourage more creativity than usual

For the next 60 or so days, the Word of the Day feature at Today the Dragon Wins will look a little different. Never fear: it'll still encourage/demand your participation. By it's new nature, though, it'll also encourage/demand your utmost creativity. I have faith in you! I think you're going to enjoy it. Think of it as a tutorial with a built-in workbook to assist in understanding the fantasy words in Choices Meant for Gods. (The words like ofersey'n and Geasa'n and Hleo-Arcana.)

So, starting tomorrow, Monday, May 21, when Sandy Lender is at for the first stop of the online book tour, the Word of the Day here at The Dragon will be ofersey'n, which I can guarantee you aren't going to find in any dictionary - modern or old. I made it up. But I made it up based on a root word from Old English. And that's what you're going to learn tomorrow: what the Old English word was, what it meant, why I selected it to make into the word you see in the book. Symbolism is understanding for us English majors, doncha know.

I hope Word of the Day continues to be a clever little learning tool for everybody. It's going to be fun! And if you want to read along in the book as you learn where these words came from, you can still get your hardback copy at Amazon still has the free shipping offer going on, which I think is great. (Keeps the price from going over $30.) Or you can get the book through my publisher at where you get a 25% discount. You have to pay shipping on top of that, but I think it comes out a dollar or two less than Amazon. (Obviously, I haven't tried it.) Or, if you're feeling lucky, I'm going to post all the blog tour stops tonight, listing the ones that have already confirmed contests, and you could try to win a signed copy of the book at one of the blogs where I'll be interviewed.

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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Blogger Jeni said...

Let's not get too carried away now with the "Word of the Day!"

9:12 AM  

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