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Monday, January 14, 2008

Nigel Taiman Speaks about Chariss
Or…Nigel's first guest post in the Valentine's Day CMFG Contest

Welcome to those of you visiting The Dragon for the first time or checking in from Author Island. It's a pleasure to have this opportunity to tell you a bit about the leading lady in the epic fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods. Sandy (my fantasy author) assures me I can get away with all the "sappy nonsense" I wish because this is a Valentine's Day contest that I'm here to promote with my panegyric.

So let me start by saying that the lovely Amanda Chariss is a fantasy heroine beyond compare. I've never seen a young lady live through so much turmoil and adversity and turn out to be such a strong yet admirable warrior. And before any gentlemen who might be visiting The Dragon get any ideas, let me just state here and now that she's mine. That might not be entirely official just yet, but I'm sure it will be soon.

If you'd like to read an interview with Sandy and me in which we discuss Amanda, you can visit And there are some fantastic reviews that talk about Amanda Chariss at In the meantime, thank you for visiting The Dragon and entering the contest to win your own hard-cover, first-edition, autographed copy of Choices Meant for Gods. You can enter daily until the 13th of February, and I'll be guest blogging again soon.

All my best,
Nigel Taiman

"Some days, you just want the dragon to win."
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Blogger Cheryl said...

I loved the interview. I am assuming that your bride Amanda Chariss has a very happy ending. Her story sounds like so intriguing with all the different people she meets. This book is on the top of my list to get.

Also Aloha from Author Island

6:38 PM  
Blogger Estella said...

Aloha from Author Island, Nigel.
Your heroine sounds like a real winner!

8:18 AM  
Anonymous wakela said...

Aloha from Author Island!

The interview with you and Sandy was wonderful. That book sounds great.

6:46 PM  
Anonymous aliadam said...

Aloha from Author Island. Nigel, Nigel, Nigel...surely you don't think you're the only man interested in Clariss. I'm sure you'll have much competition. Prepare for a battle for the lady of your dreams.

1:37 AM  
Blogger Nigel said...

To Cheryl and Aliadam,
Welcome to The Dragon. I have to tell you both that I'm distressed greatly over the number of people Chariss meets, because, as Aliadam points out, I'm not the only man interested in her. But that's why I'm around helping with marketing and promotion. It keeps my author content, which I'm hoping keeps her writing the way I want her to write...
All my best to you, and good luck in the contest.

7:45 AM  
Blogger Nigel said...

To Estella and Wakela,
Welcome to The Dragon to you both. I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed the interview on Emmie's blog, Wakela. I think the ladies were a little dismissive of my comments about Chariss, so I intend to use my guest-blogging time here to make up for it. As estella has pointed out, my heroine is a real winner! It's nice to have the chance to say so in public like this.
All my best to you, and good luck in the contest to you, also.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Connie Northrop said...

Hi, Nigel!

I love a dragon who knows how to claim a lady and still be cool. Great blog.

Oh, and Aloha from Author Island


9:33 PM  
Blogger Nigel said...

Good morning, Connie, and welcome to The Dragon. Your comment makes me go "hmmmmm." What do you know?

Good luck in the contest.
All my best,

8:55 AM  
Blogger Ann M. said...

Nigel.. I love reading your posts. You must give Sandy a run for her money.

Oh.. Aloha From Author Island

1:27 AM  

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