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Friday, April 18, 2008

The Dragon Hangs Her Head in Shame
Or...give me a's been a hard week

For legal purposes, I can't tell you everything that's happened. I can say it started with me receiving a ticket for traveling under a yellow light Saturday evening. Yes, one of Collier County's finest figured he wouldn't make quota the rest of the night, so, as the setting sun blinded me (thus had to have been blinding him behind me), I coasted into an intersection with a light that matched the green sign I tried to read. Apparently, while trying to read the sign, I missed the fact that the light changed. The man-who-needed-to-give-a-lecture-about-statutes-to-anyone-he-could-detain considered that a good reason to detain me. And give me a lecture. Now I get to pay $120 to the county. I'm still livid over it. It hardly seems fair that I should have to pay the fine AND listen to this moron ramble at me about steady yellow lights and statutes and what-have-you.

I'm just thankful he didn't notice the old (as in two addresses ago) address on my driver's license or ask me to get out and walk a straight line. (You may conclude from that what you wish. I'm not actually admitting to anything in a public forum.) The good news is he seemed pretty bent on giving his lecture.


The week has proceeded in much the same style since. I've visited more attorneys than a sound person should and given them more money than you can shake a stick at. It hurts when you scrimp and save $3,000 over the course of several months and then, in one day, hand it all to legal counsel.


Why am I rambling about this on the writer's blog? Because I want you all to know that I'm not neglecting you for silly or random reasons. Life really is in a state of turmoil. From taxes (which I think are going to turn uglier than originally reported) to attorneys to tickets to deadlines at work to some sort of cough to the regular ol' busy work in my life, I just feel a bit overwhelmed and ready to take a nap. From the schedule I've got in front of me (and the to-do list next to it), I think I can sleep Sunday afternoon. I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!!

Now. In the meantime, I'd like to let everyone know that we'll have the blog here at The Dragon back to normal operations next week. (and there was much rejoicing) That means a return to Word of the Day and Inspirational Quote of the Day with scheduled grammar and writing guides, random author interviews (have three cookin' for you), a couple scenes from my fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods, updates on the forthcoming Book II in the Choices trilogy, and another contest through Author Island. And speaking of Author Island, I'll have another coo-el giveaway and a couple copies of the eBook version of Choices Meant for Gods to give away at the Author Island all-day chat Tuesday, April 22nd. I can't participate in the chat all day long because I work, but I can check in from time to time (lunch break, etc.) to see how things are going and to update you on contest progress.

And speaking of contests, we've got a winner of the Spa Package from Arcana's Bathing Room Contest to announce! That's in the post above!

Welcome to The Dragon!
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."
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