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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Authors on Tour
Or...The Dragon supports friends on virtual book tours this month

As I prepared the list of guest bloggers who'll be entertaining you with anecdotes of their pseudonyms this month, I ran into a couple who are touring to support their recent book releases. I'd like to give you more information about that now.

One of those names that you'll recognize is Jamieson Wolf, speculative fiction author and book reviewer for such venues as Linear Reflections and American Chronicle. It's his role as a book reviewer that sparked our friendship, actually.

I'd learned of Jamieson through an online writers group and approached him about reading and reviewing Choices Meant for Gods. He was pleased to do so and a week or so later, my first fantasy novel had a glowing review and I had a new friend who was interested in my work and promotional efforts. I've since been astounded by the marketing and promotional work that Jamieson does. His experiences in publishing can teach valuable lessons to any up-and-coming writer, thus he'll be making a stop during his book tour for Valentine here at Today the Dragon Wins June 26 to give some useful advice to visitors. In the meantime, you can check out his tour schedule at his official blog, and see the fabulous page The Romance Studio has set up for him this month.

Another author who's become a new friend is Kim Richards. She's touring to support her new novel horror novel, Death Mask, and will share the pros and cons of using a pen name June 9. Her other tour stops include:
June 10 Ginger Simpson
June 13 Mike Philbin
June 15 Heidi Martinuzzi
June 16 Lea Shizas
June 18 Billie A. Williams
June 19 Eternal Press Blog
June 20 Lisa Hazelton
June 23 Pamela K. Kinney
June 25 Val Griswold-Ford
June 26 Joyce Anthony
June 28 Glenn Walker
June 29 Sheri McGathy
June 30 Arwen Spencer
Also Diana Castilleja

As you can see, we authors spend a lot of time putting together marketing opportunities. Publishers and agents don't help with that sort of thing in this day and age (unless you got lucky with your agent). In my case, I'm quite lucky in that my publisher will pick up the phone and make a call for me if I need help getting a book signing lined up in another city, etc., but, again, we authors need to create our opportunities. Opportunities don't usually come looking for us. I'd like to commend the authors who took advantage of the opportunity to blog about their pseudonyms here at Today the Dragon Wins during the month of June. We're going to have fun with this!

To all you visitors, the name game continues tomorrow. Stay tuned!
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."
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