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Sandy Lender is the editor of an international trade publication and the author of the fantasy novels Choices Meant for Gods and Choices Meant for Kings, available from ArcheBooks Publishing, and the series-supporting chapbook, What Choices We Made.

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Monday, April 30, 2007

Word of the Day
Monday, April 30, 2007
Encaustic (adjective) – A painting process where beeswax (colored) is applied to a canvas or other medium and fixed with heat (from Greek enkaustikos) (I wish I’d thought of this one during the week we had Megan Kissinger here at The Dragon!)

Word in a Sentence: In Sandy Lender’s novel Choices Meant for Gods, the paintings adorning the walls in Arcana and in The Master’s temple could be completed with the encaustic practice because beeswax would be easy enough to come by in their society.

Your turn! Any artistic sentences coming to mind today?

“Some days, I just want the dragon to win.”

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Blogger Jeni said...

I wonder if the picture I did in high school of a bouquet of flowers where I took crayons and melted some of a variety of colors and dropped little blobs of melted crayon onto the petals of flowers in the drawing could be considered to be encaustic?

12:53 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

There's a show on HGTV I like to watch called That's Clever. One time, they had a guy on there who did an encaustic painting.

8:38 PM  
Blogger Sandy Lender said...

Jen & Jeni,
I remember doing those melted crayon projects in art class! I wonder if kids still get to do those, or if it's a fire hazard--the melting part. It also makes me wonder if they were prepping us for the Rorschach tests sure to grace our futures...

Sandy L.
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

6:50 AM  

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