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Friday, May 30, 2008

ConQuesT39 Roundup
Or...Sandy Lender enjoyed her participation in the Sci-Fi Fantasy Convention last weekend

From panels on blogging to sci-fi and fantasy content, from signing to reading scenes from Choices Meant for Gods, I had an active convention experience at ConQuesT39 over Memorial Day Weekend. The Kansas City Science Fiction & Fantasy Society invited a variety of speakers to educate and entertain attendees, and everyone seemed at least entertained. :)

Watching the security detail detain a man for being "too hot to wear that kilt," I decided security was best avoided at this con. (Much like the police in Collier County, Fla., they didn't need a real excuse to pull you over...) But my friend Sunshine won a free movie pass to a Kansas City area theatre by spinning the Wheel O' Death in the security area. Go figure!

My friends Christine and Marly, who drove over from St. Louis for the event, were particularly thrilled with the Dr. Who screenings Saturday evening. My roommate from college and her husband, Kim and Chris, enjoyed the masquerade Saturday night. The gaming room was packed to what looked like capacity every time I passed the open doors with people earnestly hunkered over boards and tables and each other...It looked intense at times. The readings garnered attention from folks seeking new authors (which pleased me) and the autograph sessions gave me an opportunity to meet some new contacts.

If anyone reading the blog was there, please leave a comment about your experience. I can only speak from one point of view, but it was a very positive view. I'm looking forward to next year's con. And if you were there and didn't get your copy of Choices Meant for Gods, you can order it at the publisher's site or at Amazon.

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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Anonymous Range said...


I was in and out of the conference because of unexpected circumstances, but overall I thought it was well done and it was a pleasure meeting you.

I attended your panel on blogging and found your comments both insightful, e.g. your use of Nigel as a blogger, as well as inspirational. In fact, I left you a plug on my fledgling blog last Sat. and though I couldn't make your reading--sigh--I will be making your book my selection for June.

To your Technorati score...


12:55 PM  
Anonymous Range said...

Thanks for the positive comments on the site--the content is actually due for an overall because I've made several revisions since I first launched in Jan.

BTW...provided an update on the meeting with Chris--it serves as cornerstone for a larger discussion. Didn't intend to leave you hanging. I'm working at a once a week pace, if I'm lucky, but that needs to change. Part of the reason I attended the panel.

Will definitely drop you another note when I finish the book.

Thanks again.


8:11 AM  

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