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Monday, August 17, 2009

Kindle Declines as eBook Ease Rises Elsewhere
Or...The Dragon brings you Kindle's degeneration with good news attached

As the technorati among us have discovered, you can read electronic books on a plethora of devices. The Kindle from Amazon has its nifty features; the Kindle II gets the paper (newspaper, that is). But a recent article from Fox News shows you how the simple Blackberry or other pda can pick up those electronic versions of novels and bring you up to speed with your fave characters. (The link is in case that anchor text didn't work for ya.)

Keep in mind, all the eBooks from ArcheBooks Publishing, including my Choices Meant for Gods and next week's release of Choices Meant for Kings can be read on a Blackberry, a Sony eReader, a computer screen, etc. And no Big Brother at Amazon or one of their affiliated publishers will rescind the content after the $3.99 purchase...

Bonus Note: How much does a Kindle cost these days? Nothing if you win it from AuthorIsland. Fantasy Author Sandy Lender is participating in their Kindle giveaway this month. Good luck to you!

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."
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Anonymous Ivy said...

I am so glad Fox thinks Kindle is dying. I love the Kindle, and Fox is so extremely good at getting things wrong, this gives me great hope for Amazon's enjoying continued success with the Kindle for a long time to come.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Sandy Lender said...

OMG, Ivy, I'm laughing.
Did you read their article? The "good" news is if someone already has some other device they paid oodles o' cash for, they can still read eBooks on it and not have to fork out cash for an extra item like a Kindle. (Which is the boat I've been in for about two/three years. Sigh.)
Tell me, do you do most of your reading on the Kindle now? Or do you switch back and forth between electronic and print? I'm so curious about the eBook phenom. Personally, it drives me nuts to read my stuff on a screen, but I hate killing the trees...
Sandy Lender
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Ivy said...

I read on the Kindle as much as possible. Some books aren't out for the Kindle yet, so I read those in print.

First, it is actually a bit more comfortable than a paper book. The screen is as comfortable as paper (I can't read for long off the screen either--it hurts my eyes), and there is no spine-side margin, so you don't have to tilt it to read the whole page.

Second, the books don't yellow and age.

Third, the books take up no practical space. I have over 200 books in my purse, and that's about what the average book case can hold.

Forth, you can get public domain books for free. Currently, I'm reading Pride and Prejudice and didn't have to pay for it.

Fifth, you can search for your books electronically, rather than try to remember where you put them. I know I'm bad at shelving and organizing, so this is a plus for me. Being able to list them in categories, however, would be nice.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

It took me a while to write a comment because I was laughing so hard at what Ivy had written! I have to warm up to new technology so no e readers of any kind have made it to my wish list. If I did want a Kindle, I'd probably wait a while to buy one just to see what happens.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Tam G. said...

I have a Kindle DX & I love it! I do read most of my books in print still. However I love that I can take the Kindle with me where ever I go. Not to mention that there are a lot of eBooks out there you can get for free from Amazon. I don't usually read off the Kindle, I have it read to me while I am busy doing something else. While reading a book off the Kindle, when you stop for a while in the middle of the book Kindle will bring you right back to the page you left off. I also have a PDA, but didn't like it to much for the eBooks, just because it didn't have the read feature in it.

4:24 AM  
Blogger Susan Kelley said...

I heard sony is coming out with an updated version of their reader that will let you download from anywhere like the Kindle does. I would love a Kindle if someone gave me one and I'd use it but I won't spend my money on one and support the amazonian monster/

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer Bianco said...

I dislike reading on the computer, but I'm hoping the Kindle will gentler. I want one but $300 is still a bit steep for me. If purchases decline then maybe the price will too. Whoo hoo! :)

BTW, thanks and aloha from the island. lol ;)

8:38 PM  
Blogger Sandy Lender said...

Hi there, Jennifer,
The price is my hang-up right now, too. If you're visiting from AuthorIsland, are you participating in the Kindle contest this month? I'll give you a hint: when you look for the answer to my question on my site (, go to my Bio page and read the Letter from me. The answer's in there. ;)
Good luck to you!
Sandy Lender
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Thanks and aloha from the Island"
THe grocery store makes sense, lol.

11:50 AM  

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