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Friday, May 07, 2010

Top 5 Phone Messages Sandy Has Left For Friends
Or…The Dragon suggests how to get DNA from members of Duran Duran…

Get to know your fantasy author, Sandy Lender, a little better! It states in my bio that I’ve been obsessed with the rock group Duran Duran since about 1984. This is true. Here are some phone messages I’ve left for friends to illustrate the point.

5. What are you doing… (This is a frequent message followed by a specific date and the instructions to return the call immediately. The receiver of the call usually hyperventilates because it means Sandy is inviting the individual to a Duran Duran-related event on the specific date left in the message.)

4. Guess where I am! (Depending on the level of excitement and the pitch of Sandy’s voice, this usually involves a Duran Duran event.)

3. We are about to meet the band! (This is always enunciated very clearly and usually means Sandy is with Jennine or Christine—or both—and the universe is shuddering in a way that causes an earthquake in the eastern hemisphere while Sandy and her accomplice(s) stand outside a VIP room door where various members of Duran Duran await certain chaos.)

2. John Taylor gave me the flu. (Sandy said this one with entirely too much joy before puking.)

1. I have John Taylor’s DNA inside me! (This is an honest-to-God message that doesn’t imply what you think it does—it merely means Sandy got the rock star’s barely used water bottle after a concert and, of course, drank from it.)

Do you leave strange messages for your friends? Whether it’s stalker-related or not, there are probably funky traditions you all have. Share!

"Some days, you just want the dragon to win."
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Blogger M Pax said...

LOL I keep Duran Duran on my playlist. I think of a concert I went to in the 80's, drooling over Simon LeBon everytime they come on. I had a great seat. I kept thinking about grabbing onto his leg ... :D

5:28 PM  

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