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Friday, March 30, 2007

Branching Out
Or…Megan suggests how to keep your art arsenal fresh

As our week with Megan Kissinger draws to a close, Megan offers a final bit of advice for the aspiring artist that speaks to my heart. Although Choices Meant for Gods is a fantasy novel that's just been released, I’m not one to focus on just one genre in writing…

The Dragon: If an aspiring artist has a particular style or medium he enjoys more than another, do you recommend he focus on that one, perfecting it, or continue to try to branch out and learn/practice multiple techniques/styles?

Megan Kissinger: Both actually. It’s good to have something you love and you are good at but it’s also a refreshing change of pace to try many things. It expands your creativity and knowledge of tools and materials. I find sculpture and collage to be wonderfully freeing probably because I do it for myself instead of for my job. It does have a tendency to clutter up the garage, though.

The Dragon: We’ll recap what we’ve discussed with Megan tomorrow morning. For now, I thank the artists who have visited The Dragon this week and hope you’ve each gained something useful from her years of wisdom and training and expertise that she’s been so kind as to share here.

“Some days, I just want the dragon to win.”

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