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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Dragon Thanks Megan Kissinger
Or...wrapping up our first artist week

The image above is the map on Onweald that Megan created for Choices Meant for Gods. As she explained earlier this week, she took a rough sketch (emphasis on rough) I provided her and drew the world on tracing paper. Together, we figured out how wide rivers should be, how far different cities were supposed to be from each other, what kind of artistic elements Megan could add in to give the map more flair (as if all her detail wasn't flair enough!), etc.

When she had a drawing that she felt captured the map I had in my head, she scanned it in to her computer and we sat in front of the monitor moving elements, fixing name spellings, and deciding things like whether the chalice should be up in Mahriket near the river where Chariss is to use it or in the Freotho Mountains where Chariss is to find it, etc.

The process of building a fantasy world absolutely requires a map so the writer can keep track of places, story developments, where characters travel, and so much more. For those of us who are artistically challenged (and if you've ever seen an ad I've created, you'll understand just how artistically challenged I am), we really ought to turn to someone like Megan who has true artistic skill to help us make the world "tangible". Megan didn't just create a map I could look at and follow and keep beside the computer for easy reference. She made something that is worthy of publication. It's appearing in Choices Meant for Gods with her name on it. What breaks my heart is that it's appearing in black and white. That's why I take every opportunity I can to plaster the map in color on promotional materials. It's truly a beautiful piece.

Here at The Dragon, we're pretty doggone proud that we got to host Megan for a week. I hope that her expertise gave good insight to those of you who stopped in to read. And, Megan, thank you for your time! Our next guest will be author Jamieson Wolf one week from today. Saturday, April 7, Jamieson joins us to talk about writing, specifically his new non-fiction self-help eBook, WRITE NOW!

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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