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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Word of the Day
Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Courage (noun) - Valor; being in a state or quality of spirit that allows or enables one to face danger with confidence and aplomb; to face danger or hardship with self-possession; bravery (from the Middle English corage and Latin cor meaning heart)

It may seem a "simple" word that I've selected for today, but I selected it because I was reminded of something while watching the news last night, and I wanted to offer this small tribute to a man I don't know. You see, I realized there was a 76-year-old holocaust survivor in Virginia whom God brought through an enormously difficult trial about 65 years ago.

And that survivor had an amazing strength down inside him.
And that survivor had an amazing spirit down inside him.
And that survivor had the ability and the courage and the conviction to move toward danger Monday morning and to put his body in harm's way and to block a door against the enemy, if even for a few minutes, so that he might give his students as much time as possible to flee the enemy.

And that survivor may have left a widow who mourns what she has lost, but that survivor has left a legacy that I heard in his students' voices. We haven't heard from his widow yet, but I would imagine she's from the same stock, and I would imagine she's mourning the loss of a husband, but celebrating the life of a hero.

I don't know him, but I'm proud of him.

Typically here at The Dragon, during Word of the Day, I use the word in a sentence from my novel Choices Meant for Gods, and then I offer visitors the chance to respond with the word in a sentence of their own. If you all would like to come up with some sentences for courage today, I'd like to read them, but I think I'm okay with the one I've got above for now.

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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Blogger Jeni said...

And I too vote for your person of courage as I think he was exuding it on Monday to do what he did, paying for that precious gift with the ultimate price, his own life. Very, very well written tribute to an obviously very brave, very courageous man.

3:21 PM  

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