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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Writer's Guide
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
Or…what dreams have inspired your writing sessions as of late?

Are you a passive writer who just sits down at the keyboard once in a while, when the mood strikes you? Or do you keep a journal by the bed? See, I’ve got these notebooks everywhere. And pens…don’t get me started…there are pens everywhere. I keep at least two on the night stand because I just can’t afford to have one run out of ink if it’s 4 a.m. and I’m jotting down whatever dream I woke myself out of laughing in my sleep. (Yeah, I actually wake myself up laughing or crying or whatever. It’s probably a sign of dementia.)

But this post is to stimulate the writing muse in you visitors. Your dreams offer excellent fodder for creative writing or stream-of-consciousness sessions. Don’t lose them. I actually had a dream once that – hmmm, I suddenly wonder if I should admit this in a public forum – Neil Diamond was singing “Love on the Rocks” to my pet turtle, Josh. A number of oddities jump out of that, eh? But the point I want to get to is a dream like that can spark a cute little children’s story that you get printed in the high school literary magazine. Nowadays, I look back at that and think, “What insanity possessed me to let anyone print that with my name attached?” I guess it was okay for a 16-year-old writing something for 6-year-olds about a turtle stuck upside-down in the mud.

My little turtle-listening-with-rapt-attention-to-Neil-Diamond story offers a lesson to you visitors, though. Just because you take a bizarre dream and use it as inspiration for the day’s writing session doesn’t mean you have to let anyone publish the result. In fact, it might be best that you not let anyone publish the result, just in case you have a real publishing house release a fantasy novel with your name on it 20 years later and you want a flawless record for marketing purposes.
And to further those shameless marketing efforts, Choices Meant for Gods, pictured in all her fabulous glory above, is available at

Now, I admitted to one of my embarrassing dreams. What are you visitors/writers willing to share with the group? How has one of your dreams influenced your writing?

“Some days, I just want the dragon to win.”

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