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Sandy Lender is the editor of an international trade publication and the author of the fantasy novels Choices Meant for Gods and Choices Meant for Kings, available from ArcheBooks Publishing, and the series-supporting chapbook, What Choices We Made.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Another Web Presence Enhances the CMFG Online Book Tour's where to find fantasy author Sandy Lender today

If you visit you'll find a plethora of authors to interact with. On the righthand side of the page, there's a list of genres that includes the exciting realm of Fantasy. Click there and up pops a page that includes fantasy author Sandy Lender. I'm included in that elite company for the next year (at least) on the island. I encourage you to check it out. My bio, a synopsis of the epic fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods, four exciting excerpts from the novel, and some other hidden treasures are already in place on the site. A letter from me to you should be posted later today and an interview with me will be posted later in the month (of course I'll let all you visitors at Today the Dragon Wins know the go-live date for that!).

So things are happening at the island and more are to come! Check it out!

And if you don't already have your copy of Choices Meant for Gods, I encourage you to pick it up and get in on the ground floor of this enchanting tale. People who hear about it get excited and want to know more. A fellow I work with literally got goosebumps while I was telling him about Chariss's story, and if that's not a testimonial, I don't know what is... You can get your copy at any book store in the nation (if it's not on the shelf, they CAN order it for you), or you can make life easy on yourself and order it through Amazon to get free shipping at :

Have a fabulous week!
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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