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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pam Oslie Talks About Your Colors
Or...join The Dragon in welcoming Author Pam Oslie to discuss color auras and her book Love Colors

As regular visitors to The Dragon know, my epic fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods is steeped in symbolism and hidden meanings. One of the elements I enjoyed playing with was the use of color. My main character and fabulous heroine, Amanda Chariss Derdriu, carries an amethyst on her cheekbone, high up near the corner of her right eye, that she was born with. (Nigel discusses this over at his blog this morning at No one seems to know how this inorganic matter was fused to Chariss...but of course it was placed there by the has rich symbolic meaning. After talking with Pam Oslie, author of the wonderful guidebook Love Colors, writers and researchers alike, as well as your everyday reader, can find rich symbolic meaning in the colors that influence their daily lives.

Pam was kind enough to sit down and answer some questions I had about not just her book, but the color aura concept. I'm sure you visitors will think of more, and Pam will be checking in today to answer those for you.


The Dragon: Good morning, Pam, and welcome to The Dragon. This is a site for writers, so I want to ask you a couple of writing and publishing questions before I delve into the book Love Colors, if you don’t mind. Most of the visitors at The Dragon and writers that I speak with on a regular basis are fiction writers, so I'm intrigued to have a non-fiction writer here today. Could you tell my visitors how your credentials helped you in finding either your agent or your publisher when it came time to get your works Life Colors, Make Your Dreams Come True and, just this year, Love Colors published?

Pamala Oslie: I’m not sure I would say that I have official “credentials” that helped me find my publishers. I’m a psychic who can also see and sense auras. These abilities enabled me to write about the personality type of each of the different aura colors. I wrote about each aura personality, sent off the manuscript to six different publishers, and received offers from three of them. I met with the editors of New World Library, then accurately described each of their aura colors and what that revealed about their personalities, which convinced them I knew what I was talking about. I accepted their contract and declined the other two.

The Dragon: After reading your blog and visiting your website, I know that your seminar attendees (and I hesitate to call someone a client because the word sounds so sterile and formal when it's someone you're trying to help) provide a world of anecdotal information that could be used in preparing a manuscript. Do you find it tempting to use their anecdotes in your writing? In the book Love Colors: a new approach to love, relationships, and auras, I didn't see examples of specific people (with real names or otherwise) being exploited, and found that refreshing; but I'd like to hear your philosophy on the use of stories from seminar attendees or "clients" who have had success using color therapy or seeking out a complementary-color partner.

Pamala Oslie: Typically what happens is many people are so excited by their experiences, they volunteer to share their stories with others. They are so happy, they want others to know what is possible and how they too can create a happy and fulfilling life for themselves. Most of my books are filled with tools and information aimed at helping people to find their own answers and create their own fulfilling lives. I only use other people’s stories if, first, those people are comfortable sharing, and second, I feel the example will inspire others or help others learn how to do it for themselves. Some people are better at remembering and learning from stories; while others prefer to just hear the information and apply it to their own lives. I include both styles to help both types of people.

The Dragon: On to the book! In Love Colors, you provide an extensive self-test to help the reader determine his or her colors. First: how did you select these statements for these tests? This looks like a list that must have taken an intense amount of research to put together. Obviously there are categories that are common to each color, but even within common categories each one has specific aspects that are not common to the other colors that you would have to stop and consider as you assigned a value to it to determine how much of that color's attributes could be present in a person.

Pamala Oslie: Designing the self-test did take a lot of thought. Thank you for recognizing that. It can be very challenging to compress all the personality qualities for each color into one short list of questions – and to ask the questions in the right way. Words can be so powerful and can have so many individual interpretations. (In addition, you can ask anyone who uses personality tests like the Myers-Briggs test how challenging it can be to get people to answer the questions accurately – people don’t always have a clear perception of themselves.) And you’re right - many of the color personalities have similar qualities and traits, so developing a list of questions to distinguish them from one another can be delicate. I have worked with these different aura color personalities for so many years that I know the qualities intimately. Even with this carefully thought-out attempt to ask all the right questions, people can still believe they are a life color that is not really their life color, but it is a color in the outer bands of their aura. They think, for example, they are a Green life color, when in reality they are a Violet. It is common for sensitive Yellows to think they are Crystals. In short, my editor and I did the best we could to carefully choose the best questions.

The Dragon: Second: How often do you find people coming up with very strong values/numbers in more than one color after taking the test? (I had very high values in violet and green and fairly high values in red and yellow. The violet and green seem to go hand-in-hand, all things considered, but mixing in the red and yellow made me step back and wonder if I'm not going insane sometime in the near future…)

Pamala Oslie: Well I hope you don’t go insane. (You’re funny.) It’s actually very common for people to test high on more than one color. Actually most people do have two life colors, and they have also added a strong third color into the outer bands of their aura so they will relate to that color’s qualities. It is common, as I said, for many Violets to think they are Greens because their personalities are so similar. I explain in my book Life Colors that to decide which of the two is your true life color- Violet or Green - look at the motive behind your drive to accomplish or to make money. That is where you will find the difference between the two colors. Reds and Yellows can also have similar qualities – they are both very physical. However, Reds typically have hot tempers and often a need to be in control, while Yellows – who are often stubborn – typically love to laugh and are usually more easy-going than a Red. Usually people learn to tell them apart when they read more about each color in my books.

The Dragon: Is it possible (or even wise/advised) to try to influence your color aura? This will probably answer or lead into my next question, but is it possible to influence your love color so you complement your life partner's color?

Pamala Oslie: I believe anything is possible. However, I don’t believe it’s a good idea to work against or suppress your natural life colors – they reflect your true personality and the theme and life purpose you’ve chosen for this lifetime. You’ll most likely always feel something is wrong if you suppress or try to alter your true colors. There are too many people who have been raised to suppress their natural personality – to be other than who they really are in order to please others or fit into society. Rather than change their life colors, I prefer to encourage people to live the “in-power” or positive qualities of their true life colors so they can live their dreams and feel a sense of fulfillment. In my book, I do show people how to add other colors into the outer bands of their aura – so they can add the qualities of that color personality. For example if someone wants to make more money then they can learn to add more green in their aura to help them become more driven or organized. Or if they want to lighten up and have more fun in their lives, they can learn to add more yellow into their aura.

The Dragon: Is it possible for a person's love colors to change over time? And do you think that's why people see changes in their life partners?

Pamala Oslie: I believe in “free will” so yes, it is possible for people to change their love colors (also called “life colors”) In the twenty-four years of doing this work, however, I’ve only seen a handful of people actually change their original life colors. More likely, the true reason people seem to change - is those people finally have allowed their true nature to arise.

The Dragon: As you travel to give seminars and share this information with audiences around the country, do you find most people accepting of the concept? It seems logical to me that different people will have different aspects of their personality based on what's in their makeup, what's in their aura, what's in their soul, what they're attracted to based on the aura of the person they're walking up to, etc., but not everyone is open-minded.

Pamala Oslie: You’re right. The majority of people who attend my seminars or bookstore presentations are open to these types of topics. And they do usually have the aura colors that are naturally interested in spiritual and consciousness concepts. I am finding more and more people interested these days though – even many Tans are coming for private sessions or calling into my radio show. When I began this work years ago, my clientele was mostly women. Now about 40% of the people who come to see me are men. Obviously things are changing.

The Dragon: Just a comment now: I wish that I had had your book when writing my novel, Choices Meant for Gods. I got lucky when I selected violet for my main character, Amanda Chariss, a Protector, because the research I sought was sort of "all over the place," as you're probably aware. Now that I have your book, Love Colors, in my library, it is an invaluable resource as I move forward in my writing career. It's probably going to come in handy if I ever decide to date again, too, but, I want you to know, you have a guidebook here that every writer I know should have on his or her research/resource shelf in the writing library! Could you share with my visitors how to get a copy of Love Colors for themselves?

Pamala Oslie: Thank you for your kind comments. How fun that understanding the different aura color personalities will help you with character development. That is a great way to use this tool. I have heard from people in many different careers – teachers, counselors, performers, health practitioners, business people, even financial advisors – that knowing people’s aura colors and therefore their personality styles has really helped them work with the people in their work and in their lives. People can get Love Colors on my web site , also on , or in most bookstores.

The Dragon: Pam, thank you so much for stopping by The Dragon. I'm sure my visitors have learned some new tips from you today that they're thankful for, and I certainly appreciate you sharing some insight here. I wish you the best of success with Love Colors and with your seminars!

Pamala Oslie: Thank you so much for inviting me to your site….and for the great work you are doing!Have fun on your life journey and writing your books!

Visitors are invited to leave comments and ask questions through the comment link below. Pam and Sandy will be checking in during the day to respond.
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fascinating interview!!! Ever since I had two separate aura readings and both declared me a Crystal, I have been interested in auras--and everyone knows my fascination with color in general :-) I will have to check out this book!! Thanks for the great interview, Ladies.
Joyce A. Anthony

7:22 PM  
Blogger Pamala Oslie said...

Thank you Joyce for your interest and your kind words! Thanks also for checking out my book.

I would LOVE to know who told you you were a Crystal - if you don't mind sharing. I love knowing that others see auras!

Have fun!
Pam Oslie

10:25 PM  
Blogger Vicki M. Taylor said...

Amazing interview. Thanks Sandy for bringing Pam Oslie to us. I think her book would make a great writers' resource and I'm on my way to check her website out now.

As a side note, I used to see auras when I was a child. My grandmother encouraged me. However, I lost the ability as I grew older.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous EM Sky said...

This is fascinating. What's the age of the oldest indigo you've met so far?

11:09 PM  

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