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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cadbury Tomorrow, Barry Today
Or...The Dragon is summarizing the situation

Ugh, it's already Wednesday? People, there is too much to do!
Side note: If you're looking for the meme, it was posted yesterday...just scroll past the four posts today.

First, as promised, I have the Barry Manilow Music and Passion show review below. It's not really so much a review as me waxing melodramatic about how much of a freak I am. :) Well, okay, there's a review thrown in there, too. (It was a great show.)

Next, for those of you who have heard the rumors of the Cadbury Eggsperiment, I'll be posting the results tomorrow. I want to post photographic evidence, you see, and that will involve lining up technology without being thwarted by technology demons. :)

Third, if you're entering the contest for the Spa Kit from Arcana's Bathing Rooms, this is the place to do it! The rules are posted on the contest page at, but, since Arcana is the estate in my fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods, I'm the droid you're looking for...

Fourth, if you're looking for a fantasy novel with an empowered heroine who doesn't sleep with every man she encounters, but who kicks the asses of all things evil and bad (let me get a WOO-HOO!!), I've got your fantasy novel right here! (I think Nigel just rolled his eyes...) In all seriousness, I'm pushing the fact that Choices Meant for Gods is still available in hard cover, but is also available as a less-expensive eBook at my publisher's site. You can download it at (There's also a free sample you can read there.)

I think that's all! Welcome to the site and enjoy the Music and Passion show "review".
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."
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Blogger Park Avenue Princess said...

Darn! Did I post my comment in the wrong place? You know I was really lovin' this I find out it has some crazy set I post at the top or the bottom....clearly it's, it's probably just me. Let me know if I have to move my post down from the top to the bottom to qualify for your lovely contest at authorisland...otherwise, I really like it where it is.

This blog has it all drunk women, men with strong tongues testing CHOCOLATE, fantasy novels...and a WOO HOO! What is better than that?

Not much from where I'm sitting...or laying...just because it's raining and this blanket is super comfy...

Oh and I left out Barry, and the "SIT DOWN GUY"...I have to stop...I will have to pee again...

I know TMI. But, I'm here to


2:17 PM  

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