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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Choices Meant for Gods Isn’t the Only Thing You Can Read From Me
Or…have you been following the vampire romantic comedy?

I’m working steadily away at proofing my galleys for Choices Meant for Gods this weekend (and figuring out how to write HTML code to put together my website to give myself a break from reading reading reading), but it occurred to me that all you visitors could be reading something fun, light, not-epic, and downright vampiric (at times) right now if I just reminded you to sign up for it.

Go to and sign up to join the free group that’s reading Saving a Vampire from the Summer Sunrise. (And if that title doesn’t tell you that this is a fun little romp through a Florida setting, I don’t know how else to convince you.) You’d never expect to find a vampire in Naples, Florida, would you? Welcome to my insanity. If the feedback I work with to write future scenes is any indication, the folks reading along so far are enjoying it.

The next scene goes online tonight and we learn how Nathan (vampire) reacts to Katy’s revelation while they're sitting on the hood of his BMW Alana. Yeah, see, the vampire drives a BMW Alana. This is the sexiest serial novel in history. ;)

“Some days, you just want the vampire to win.”

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