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Sandy Lender is the editor of an international trade publication and the author of the fantasy novels Choices Meant for Gods and Choices Meant for Kings, available from ArcheBooks Publishing, and the series-supporting chapbook, What Choices We Made.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Copies of Choices Meant for Gods Arrived
Or…what a great way to celebrate the 200th post at The Dragon

Bob Gelinas at ArcheBooks told me the boxes had shipped. “They should arrive Monday.” So I drove home last night, more impatient with traffic than usual. I really should have taken calm, melodious CDs to listen to in the car, eh? (Do I need to state that Goldfrapp’s “Ooo La La” vibrating the ground around the car does nothing to settle one’s nerves while sitting in traffic?)

It’s funny how we humans react to life-altering events. I mean, I’ve wanted to get a book published since I was…oh…eight? Nine? It’s been an actual goal for the past seven years since I started writing the story of Amanda Chariss down/typing it in. So I find it odd that I moved all four boxes into the house, went through the usual routine of “welcome back to the perch” with my bird, and relocated a box of tissues to the living room before settling down to open a box and hold my book in my hands.

Holy cow, it’s beautiful.

If you’d like to hold a copy of your own (and you probably won’t require the box of tissues like I did), you can go to and search for Choices Meant for Gods by Sandy Lender (ISBN is 978-159507-165-1), or visit my publisher’s website at Or you can wait about a week and request Choices Meant for Gods by Sandy Lender from any bookseller in the United States. I’ll be happy to post a reminder here at The Dragon. ;)

What is it about, you ask? Let me give you my 30-second pitch: Choices Meant for Gods is the story of a young lady who's been on the run from a madman all her life. When she finally chooses to stand and fight, she discovers she's wrapped in centuries of prophecy that demand she protect the very gods themselves. (There are a couple other teasers on the publisher's site as well.)

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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Blogger Linda L Rucker said...

I am so tickled for you, Sandy! I know how you've stressed over this book!! I plan to get my copy a.s.a.p., but I want a signed copy!! Yoohooo! And who needs MF's approval, certainly not you!!

9:18 AM  
Blogger FWA Southwest Florida Writers Group said...

For a writer, there's no more special moment in the world than holding your first published novel in your hands -- seeing all the imagination, sweat and tears materialized into a physical object, that's real, that you can touch, that others can see and acknowledge its reality.

Congratulations, Sandy! Hold onto that feeling as long as you can, especially when you venture out into the ugly morass of the book business.


10:15 AM  
Blogger Jeni said...

Major congratulations to you on being able to finally hold, hug, kiss, love your book to pieces.
Sandy, I know how excited I was the first time (only time) I had a little byline published in the local newspaper where I had a very short-lived career (seven weeks)a few years back. But the day I received a copy of a magazine that had purchased a piece I had written which had been turned down by the newspaper when I was working there, I cried, ecstatic tears they were though. I caressed the paper that essay was printed on. Stared at it over and over and still get kind of goose-bumpy all over when I pick that magazine up and re-read my own words. Amazing how things like that can really rev the juices, isn't it?

11:25 AM  
Blogger Laura M. Crawford said...

Sandy, darling, I am so happy for you!! I look forward to seeing it in person and have you autograph it for me when I get to Florida. Seriously! I hope to have mine ready to send soon as I get home from vacation, so I can send you an autographed copy! *sniff,sniff*, I'm so proud of you!


Laura :)

11:41 AM  
Blogger Sandy Lender said...

You're there, Baby. I haven't sought his approval or affirmation for years now.

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”
--Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


(And if we do a signing together up in the northern reaches of Florida, we'll have to sign each other's books. It sounds like a plan to me.)

Sandy L.
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

10:32 PM  
Blogger Sandy Lender said...

Bob, Jeni, Laura,
Thanks, guys!
It's been a good day...
Sandy L.
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

10:33 PM  

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