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Friday, June 29, 2007

Count Your Blessings
Or...The Dragon gets philosophical for a day
Those of us who wonder how we'll be buying our prescription medications and groceries at the end of the week can empathize with others in duress. And so I want to ask visitors to the The Dragon today to join me in praying (or, if you're not the praying type, to send positive thoughts and energy) for a pal of mine, Cassidy McKay. I'm not going to share her private issues in a public forum, but I'm going to tell you that she's a kind person who offered me a place to do an online chat during the Choices Meant for Gods Online Book Tour. She has some worries right now, and those make my ridiculous financial issues look...well...ridiculous.
I am thankful for my beautiful pet bird that is bonded to me. I am thankful for my good health (and the people who know me and who are laughing at me can just stuff a sock in it - I have remarkably good health compared to a lot of other people). I am thankful for the house that the banks haven't kicked me out of yet. I am thankful for my job. I am thankful for my amazing, incredible book that you see me holding in the picture above. I am thankful for the fantastic review of Choices Meant for Gods that's running in the Boca Raton paper this Sunday (you can read it in the post here yesterday). I am thankful for my friends and family who call and write to make sure I'm not dead yet. I am thankful for the new Duran Duran album coming out this September. This list could go on for a very long point is, if you stop and think about it...we've got a lot to be thankful for. And because this is a WRITING blog, I encourage you to WRITE back and tell me something you're thankful for (after you say a prayer for Cassidy's situation, okay?). Okay.
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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Blogger Laura M. Crawford said...

Sandy, Cassidy is in my prayers. I guess when you see someone in worse shape than you are in, it gives you some perspective, huh? I am thankful for my little polebarn I live in, my handsome son, my handsome boyfriend (who is very thoughtful, too), and the fact that I have a job, even though I hate it. I know you're not supposed to say it, but things could be a helluva lot worse for all of us. Thank God it's not, and we just have to find a way to get through this stuff. Hugs to you and Cassidy.

Laura :O)

1:43 PM  
Blogger Nigel said...

Thank you, Laura. I know Sandy appreciates your support, and she's right there with you, Darling. All you lovely authors need to have a retreat where you can just sit back and relax and write for a week. Do nothing but write.

(I'm a big proponent for having you authors do nothing but write...for days on end...)

Have a wonderful weekend, my dear.
All my best,
Nigel Taiman

4:22 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Prayers definitely going up for Cassidy, Sandy.

You look like you're so proud to be holding your book in that picture. :)

I'm thankful for what eyesight I do have and for my wonderful family.

Nigel, I think Devon would most likely agree with you about authors doing nothing but writing. I'd hate to see it if the two of you got together! We'd all be chained to our desks. (Though, come to think of it.... Nevermind. That's not rated PG.)

9:37 AM  
Blogger Lyddy said...

Definitely thankful for the good things I'vegot in my little piece of the world.

2:48 PM  

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