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Monday, July 09, 2007

Step Into Wolf's Alternate Reality with Ghost Mirror

Or...The Dragon welcomes Author Jamieson Wolf Monday, July 9, starting with a review today...and I already know he approves of this review so it's safe

Like Alice stepping through the looking glass or Dorothy finding herself in Oz, 13-year-old Mave wakes up in a run-down sort of house at the end of Water Street. But where is Water Street? And where are all the people you'd expect to see during the day? And how did she get from her grandmother's attic to here? Surely she didn't really step through the ghost mirror?

When Mave Mallory makes the decision to help her ghost friend, she inadvertently gets pulled through a portal to another reality, to a town called Elements where her latest powers are instantly felt by the inhabitants--and instantly feared. Author Jamieson Wolf describes a lonely, inquisitive child suddenly flung into a hostile environment. True to character, Mave initially explores her surroundings, obeying her grandmother's internal voice, and giving the author the opportunity to lay out a fantastical realm for the reader.

The Ghost Mirror may be a short novella, weighing in at 125 pages, but is it filled with scenes that the reader will have no trouble imagining. One can walk along Water Street and hear the fountains trickling as Mave passes by.

A word of caution, though: The Ghost Mirror is not for the faint of heart. Mave encounters death and a gruesome man who wishes to take her spirit to increase his own. The danger Wolf breathes onto the page is palpable, and it is only through a friend's help and sacrifice that Mave finds her inner strength to attempt her quest. It is through forgiveness, too, that she can discover a way home. But before she makes that journey, Wolf has opened the portal for you to step through. Won't you join Mave on the other side of The Ghost Mirror...

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