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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Dragon Got Out
Or...adventures outside the comfort zone in Collier County

As a writer, do you ever do something that's outside your comfort zone? Here's your chance to put it in your journal (or share it in the comment field). I'm pleased with my decision to step outside the "everyday" and visit new friends Tuesday evening.

Deborah in the north end of Naples is married to a gentleman named Joe, who purchased a car from a friend of mine. There's the sole connection. Well, as all authors know, you never let a chance to promote your "authorness" go by, so these folks somehow learned that I have an epic fantasy novel called Choices Meant for Gods out there available to purchase for Christmas presents. (Market market market...) Deborah bought a couple copies for her daughters and invited my friend and me to dinner so we could hang out and I could sign the books. How cool is that? So we went up there for dinner Tuesday and now we have new friends.

This is not something I typically do, unless it's Duran Duran-related. I can't count the number of Duran Duran concerts or parties I've been to where I've stayed over with a gaggle of new girlfriends that I met...oh...that evening. But the Duran Duran fan community is an odd sorority of people who all pretty much accept each other just the way we show up and want to hear each other's odd stories...all night.

So how many of you authors have stepped outside the comfort zone as of late and want to share? Going over to dinner with mere acquaintances who become friends? Going to rock concerts in other cities and staying with a group of people you don't know? Or something saner than that second example. ;)

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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