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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Are Borg
Or…what’s your fave sci fi show?

I will admit to nerdish tendencies. I get irritated when I run into paranormal authors or fantasy authors who have no clue what I’m talking about when I start quoting Star Trek or Stargate or Firefly or BSG or Farscape or X-Files or whathaveyou. Heck, I’ve even watched a few episodes of Dead Like Me and chuckled. Now, I will admit that I’m not well-versed in Dr. Who, but I have friends who can fill me in on the parts that I’ve missed. :) How can fantasy or sci fi authors build and then exist in their own worlds if they don’t enjoy spending time in these other worlds? It boggles my mind. I love getting lost in these shows. And I love getting entrenched in the world I created for my Choices trilogy.

My point today is I’m part Borg for 24 hours. I went to the doctor yesterday, and, because my life is not a normal one anymore, this means they (the all-powerful and always-out-there “They”) scheduled additional doctor appointments for me. So today I went in to another clinic to get fitted with this happy little heart monitor harness. Hmm. So I’m considering at what point in the day I down a 2-liter of Jolt cola and run around the apartment complex outside really really fast to skew the results. He he he.

Of course I wouldn’t actually do that. I’m not allowed to have caffeine. But imagine how my heart would react…

Back to the original question. My Borg thoughts put me on this train. What’s your favorite sci fi show? And why? Mine have all been canceled. Well, except for BSG. It’s in its final season, though. Sigh. Stargate is supposed to have a new series starting this summer based on a premise that Samantha Carter could have solved in a two-part episode. Bummer, eh? But we’ll see how it pans out.

My favorite sci fi show is a toss-up between Stargate SG-1 with the yummy Michael Shanks (although you can’t beat that original archeologist, can you?) and Firefly with the yummy Nathan Fillion, who I got to meet at DragonCon last year. That was a good day. My reasons, beyond drooling over the yummy characters, are the humor and the writing. I’m also keen on the good explosions in Stargate SG-1. Always well done. It’s not everyday that your television shows someone blowing up a sun…or a pyramid…or a U.S. starship/battle cruiser. Good stuff.

(Your answers can be as grammatically challenged as mine, if you like. ;) )
“Some days, I just want the dragon to win.”
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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Top 10 Things I Miss From the '80s
Or...The Dragon admits insanity now

I'll go ahead and tell you this was prompted by listening to Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits of the '80s. If you've read this blog before, you know I'm a wee bit obsessed with the musician. And if you know me, you know that I long for the days when musicians remembered the all-important saxophone solo. Oh, yes. So let's begin.

The Top 10 Things Sandy Misses From the '80s
10. Believe it or not, marching band practice makes the list -- I do believe this is where I not only heard the "no pain, no gain" and "reach down inside and give a little more" phrases, but LEARNED them; I now apply them to my life somewhat daily (jeepers)
9. Leg warmers (I know...I live in Florida...but we've been having cold fronts lately)
8. Having someone else pay all the bills (I was a teen)
7. Ronald Reagan's optimism, sense of humor, leadership, smile, attitude, etc.
6. Playing Nertz on a somewhat regular basis with the gang
5. The gang
4. Duran Duran releasing albums on a somewhat regular basis
3. Playing my violin with actual skill so that it didn't suck and frighten small children
2. Going to grandmothers' houses where there was nothing "deep" or "heavy" expected of you
1. The saxophone solo

See, many bands employed the sax solo (including Duran Duran -- Andy Hamilton, I miss you) and the lovely Barry Manilow has included it in his rendition of George Michael's Careless Whisper on his new album. Oh, man, does it sound good. It certainly takes me back. Now, of course, I have to break out the Wham and George Michael collection and breeze through that over the next week...

But the point is, those are the pieces that I used to write to. The early incarnations of Amanda Chariss and Nigel and Hrazon started their adventures and started telling the story that became the Choices trilogy that ArcheBooks is publishing for me (slowly but surely) back in the '80s when I was listening to those songs that Barry is reminding me of with his new album. It makes me want to work on the prequel this evening. :)

So while I'm typing away, why don't you all weigh in with your memories. Anything you miss from the past? Anything you wish you could have back for a day or two?

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."
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