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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome Someone New to My House
Or...The Dragon needs some name suggestions for a Timneh African Grey

I've been interested in African Grey parrots for quite some time. I've done a bit of research here and there. Then Saturday, after turtle patrol but before my GCWA talk, I met one that stared at me like she knew me. She was sold by the time my talk was over (I called to check). But it got me thinking strongly about finding another who might select me before some nutcase succeeds at passing pet-limiting legislation.

So I talked with a breeder (Margie Adams) over in Pompano, Fla., who had a couple of her babies placed in a pet store over here. Fabulous. Just a 40-minute drive to check them out. One was obviously spastic and not interested in me. The other...

I got her a cage that's 30 by 30 by 33 ( inside height is 33) with a playstand on top. Because I work from home, my companion parrots spend the day with their doors open so they hang inside or out, whichever they prefer. Petri tends to climb all over his cage, looking for treats I've hidden around it before I sit down to work in the morning. This new one will figure out there are hidden treats as well.

But I've got a problem. I keep calling her "Pretty Girl" because I can't think of a good name that fits her. She's a snuggler. And she's still a little shy and quiet (although that may change as she gets used to her new surroundings). She's three months old--hatched at the end of February. She sleeps like a duck with her beak tucked in behind her wing and she makes small, adorable little barking sounds when you prevent her from getting on your shoulder. (I've read that greys shouldn't get above eye level because of the domination thing.)

So help me out here! What's a good name for this little girl?

(Also in this post, the biege cage you see here is Petri's. It's an example for a new friend who's stopping by the blog to check out the cage dimensions. It is 24 wide by 22 deep by 28 high (interior) with four perches. Two perches are natural branches and two are comfy perches of different thicknesses. The bars are 3/4 inch apart, which I've been told is the maximum for a sun's safety. There's a playgym on top with a bar for hanging a toy. All of the toys are metal-free. I've hung them with bird-safe rope. The food and water dishes are stainless steel, guaranteed to be zinc-free. And he's also got a cozy hut that conures LOVE.)

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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Blogger Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I thought all girl parrots were named Polly! :)

Jane Kennedy Sutton

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Cheryl said...

Elizabeth always seems to be the shy character in books. The name "Maida" means shy.

8:20 AM  
Blogger Sandy Lender said...

OMG! Did you ever see the movie about the parrot named Polly (or Paulie) who lived with the little girl who stuttered? So the parents took the parrot away because they thought that would help the little girl learn to speak clearly?
That was the saddest movie I've ever watched. I saw it in the theatre because I had no clue it was going to be this sad movie about a bird trying to find his original person for years and years...I cried like an idiot.

Good movie, but I totally DON'T recommend it! (Unless you have a box of kleenexes at hand.)

Sandy Lender
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

10:29 AM  
Blogger Sandy Lender said...

Ooooo, Cheryl, I like that "Maida" idea. I'll put it in the suggestion box.
Sandy Lender
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Lisa Black said...

How about Smoky?

11:55 AM  
Blogger Jamieson Wolf said...

Oh, she's sooo cute!

I would name her one of the following:


Do you see an S pattern here? I'm inspired by the fact that she's got silver colouring.

Hopefully that helps!

Cheers and Huggles

7:26 AM  
Blogger Laura M. Crawford said...

I look at her and the name Ava is what I think of, of course that is the name of my beautiful granddaughter who was baptised this weekend in her little white eyelet dress with a white crocheted bonnet. Her Auntie Natalie, who is now her godmother, said, "She looks so Amish!" We all laughed at that one.

Ava is quiet, bright-eyed and sweet, and I think that best describes your newest addition. And she likes to cuddle on my shoulder just before she falls asleep.

Good luck with the names, and Congratulations! My former friend, Barb, has an African Grey named Windsor. I won't tell you here what she and her husband have taught that bird to say! LOL!

Laura :)

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"She wasn't what you'd call refined but she wasn't unrefined; she was the type of woman who owned a parrot."
—Mark Twain

I vote for "Gris Gris"
Pronounced gree-gree. It means gray or sometimes rose, both colors of your bird. It also means a talisman or charm that can ward of evil and bad juju. Something I think we all could use! :)
Good luck,

8:45 PM  
Blogger Sandy Lender said...

Hey, Lisa, good to see you again! Smoky makes me think of bears, so I'm not sure that would fly.

To anyone reading through the comments, be sure to check out Lisa Black's fabulous thriller "Takeover" and watch for her name this September when her next novel is released.

Sandy Lender
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

7:59 AM  
Blogger Sandy Lender said...

Jamieson, Laura, Megan, I'll have to put these in the hat.

Although, at the moment, I'm leaning toward "Charlotte." (As in Charlotte Bronte, of course.)

I asked her if she liked the name Charlotte and she stared at me as if working that through her little bird mind. We'll probably reach a decision this weekend during flock time. :)

Sandy Lender
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

8:01 AM  
Blogger MaryAnn said...

I have an idea....Kipusa. It means beautiful girl or pretty girl in Swahili. I thought African parrot...African name. I know, my train of thought suprise myself. Or my personal favorite and the name of my babygirl at the moment, Lessa. She's sleeping with her four paws in the air right now, snoring away. Dragonlady of Pern, away!

3:22 PM  

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