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Sandy Lender is the editor of an international trade publication and the author of the fantasy novels Choices Meant for Gods and Choices Meant for Kings, available from ArcheBooks Publishing, and the series-supporting chapbook, What Choices We Made.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Word of the Day
Monday, January 15, 2007
Notorious (adjective) – Well known, but not necessarily for good reason; infamous (the word originates in Medieval and Late Latin “causing to be known”)

Word in a Sentence: The notorious criminal was apprehended when a bystander pointed him out to police.

Your turn! Yes, all you Duranies, I left this wide open for you. Don’t disappoint me…

(And don't forget that the contest to be in Saving a Vampire from the Summer Sunrise at closes tonight. I pick a winner at midnight and put him or her IN the story! If you don't know what this is, the teaser of Scene 1 is further down this page at the aptly titled Saving a Vampire from the Summer Sunrise with instructions at Vampires and Werewolves and Ghosts, Oh My!)

"Some days, you just want the dragon to win."

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Blogger Jeni said...

My son is notorious for various reasons - his recent accident with my car not being his only "claim to fame." His friends, locally, now are calling him "Gate" since he clipped the most expensive gate probably in the entire township in this latest incident. But some just added that nickname to his earlier moniker of "Tapwater" and call him "Tapwater Gate" now. The "Tapwater" or "Tappy" nickname is a story for another time too!

9:55 AM  

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