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Thursday, August 30, 2007

We Have the Interview at Last
Or...please join a dragon in welcoming author Karina Fabian to the blog today

Back on August 11, we tried to get the interview on here, but Karina was experiencing technology meltdown. I'm pleased to report that she's still sane and somewhat stable, and as she wraps up her tour for her sci-fi anthology Infinite Space Infinite God, here's what interesting goodies she has for visitors to The Dragon!

The Dragon: You and your husband Rob are listed as the editors of Infinite Space Infinite God. Is that because you compiled information and put the book together, or did a group or sci-fi association compile the information for the two of you to edit?

Karina: Oh, no--this work was all Rob's and mine. We put out the word, took in the stories, evaluated, worked with authors on edits, organized it, wrote introductions and found a publisher.

The Dragon: You mentioned that you and your husband sought the publisher for Infinite Space Infinite God. Can you share with visitors to The Dragon how long that process took?

Karina: We started the anthology "on spec" for a publisher who, in the end, didn't want to take a chance on science fiction. It took us two years to find a publisher. We do love Twilight Times, though.

The Dragon: Did you start with an agent?

Karina: No, and we still don't have an agent. It wasn't necessary for this book, since we're working with a mid-level press and had a book with a very targeted audience (at least as far as most publisehrs see it.) I am looking for one for my more generic fantasy, however. Having an agent opens doors that my trilogy needs.

The Dragon: Do you have any tricks of the trade that you'd recommend to visitors today for landing an agent or landing a publisher with or without an agent? And, obviously, you could speak from a sci-fi angle or a publishing angle in general with your background.

Karina: No tricks--just research the agent or publisher and give them what they want. Twilight Times, for instance, has a specific package they want, including a pretty concise market plan. I did a lot of research to put it together. I do think having a market plan in mind gives you an edge in getting published, especially with presses outside the really big conglomerates. Having a market plan helps you sell more books even with the big publishers.

The Dragon: Did the original publisher or anyone like that offer suggestions of authors to include in the anthology?

Karina: No. Rob and I did the entire thing ourselves. For Infinite Space, Infinite God II, however, Lida (our publisher) wants to participate in selection. We're cool with that.

The Dragon: Once stories started coming in, did any one or two in particular stand out as, not so much your favorites, because I don't want to put you on the spot here, but as particularly interesting or particularly memorable you for? And why?

Karina: Naturally, they all impressed us, but off the top of my head: "Hopkins' Well" had a unique take on teleporters that I adored. "Brother Jubal" is simply beautiful and literary. "Mask of the Ferret" has an incredible scene in that you feel like you're on the bridge as the ship takes off--right down to the slang. "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" is wonderfully organized around the stations of the cross.

The Dragon: Your bio shows you're very active in church activities and marketing groups, and I've seen you all over the internet and chat boards for months prior to the book's release next week. How do you find time to be a mom, run all your blogs, keep all your children corralled, and write as prolifically as you do?

Karina: First, I have great kids who are both independent and able to help each other while Mom does stuff. Second, I multitask in a big way--exercising, cooking, cleaning...all are done while I'm on the computer. Finally, I am a perpetual motion machine and don't sleep as much as I probably should! I also allow a lot of typos in casual Internet writing. (grin and shrug). On the down side, the house is never as clean as I like and we eat way too much junk food--something I intend to work on this year.

The Dragon: Lastly, could you tell visitors today how to get a copy of your new book? I'm sure they'll remember to come back and leave Karina a question to answer!

Karina: to order directly OR You can order from Amazon and Barnes and Noble online. You can also order it by asking at your favorite bookstore. ISBN 978-1-933353-62-3. (You can also ask your librarian to order one--Ingrams or Baker and Taylor supply them.)

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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